ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’

ASN Bank ‘Goed Bezig!’


ASN Bank is the biggest sustainable bank in the Netherlands. They focus mainly on investments that have a positive impact on society. What makes them different is that they do not invest in businesses that use child labor or weapons manufacturers and any firms linked to the industry.

For the “Goed Bezig!” (“Good Job!”) campaign of ASN Bank, known from “Geld wordt pas fout of goed door wat je er samen mee doet” (“Money will only get wrong or right, by what you’re doing with it together”). In this campaign, they focus on that what we do best together. In light of this campagne, a Facebook app has been developed so you can give out a “Goed Bezig!” compliment to your Facebook friends. For instance to a colleague who is helping poor street kids.

I created the design of this Facebook app. The development lies in the hands of another fantastic agency, where we collaborated with.




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