Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’

Zwanger.nl ‘Droombaby’


What will your future baby look like? Does he have your eyes? Will she have your partners upturned nose? What pregnant woman isn’t wondering about this? To answer these questions, you can finally create your answer! Sanoma‘s Jonge Gezinnen (Young Families) launched a unique application on Zwanger.nl (Pregnant.nl) that lets you create your own dream baby, exactly like you think what he or she will look like.

During my internship as a creative designer I worked on this “Droombaby” (“Dream baby”) campaign. I have mainly dealt with the “baby parts” to illustrate. This included the hairstyles, mouths, eyes, ears etc. But also parts such as clothes and toys. I also animated parts of the face. For example the babies’ eyes had to blink occasionally and the mouths had to move in sync with the babies’ sound.




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