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Mari van Iersel


I am Mari van Iersel. I am 61 years old and 33 years of which I have experience in the communication profession. I am happily married, I have 2 kids, Ferry and Evy. Almost everything is perfect, except the absence of a job.” And that is where I joined in. I’ve designed and developed a website where Mari explains that he is in search for a job.

Just a few days after launching, this website got awarded with a One Page Love Design Award! One Page Love is a one page website design gallery showcasing the best single page website designs from around the web. An award to be proud of.

I have designed and developed this website. The design is fully responsive. It means that it scales perfectly on devices which contain smaller windows, such as an iPad or iPhone or any other mobile device. Try and see for yourself! Besides that, I have integrated social media to bring this site under attention to potential employers.






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